Some people say that web gaming is over, that people are not interested in flash games anymore and this type of entertainment is dying.

Well I don’t agree with it at all, I believe that there are millions of the gamers worldwide who enjoy playing different games, who enjoy to unlock different achievements, who enjoy to spend hours playing legendary web games like: Zombocalypse 2, Tank trouble 2, Pandemic 2, Learn to fly 2, Happy Wheels, Gun Mayhem 2, etc.

This exactly why I have decided to build FootballHeadsUnblocked.Org, to prove that online games are still alive and extremely popular, that we gamers are still here, that we enjoy gaming like in good old times.

Let’s build our gaming community, lets share our gaming strategies like we used to do it our childhood, let’s leave our comments on the blog so other people can see as well what a huge gaming community we are and what we are capable of!